Praktijk Bink coaching for children, young adults, and parents


Why coaching?

Parents often raise their children with the best of intentions, in a loving environment.  But that doesn’t mean the process of bringing them up is always a smooth one.  Often both children and their parents/caregivers face difficult challenges for many reasons. For example, children may:

  • Go through periods of low self-esteem
  • Have difficulty making friends at school
  • Struggle to regulate their emotions
  • Deal with puberty issues
  • See a decline in their school results

They may also face issues at home, like dealing with a divorce or a loss in the family.  In any of these events, parents may not know how to address these issues, or even where to start helping their child.

And as a parent, you may struggle with parenting issues as well. Maybe you don’t know how to maintain harmony in your family or how to start a conversation with your child about sensitive topics. You may find it difficult to guard your boundaries or you may have clashes with your child or your partner.

You don’t have to solve these problems alone! Coaching helps you gain new insights into yourself, your child or your family.

Coaching at Praktijk Bink is personal and effective. I coach with respect and without judgment. I focus on unraveling the request for help and I work with you and your family to find solutions that work. I help families understand that there is room for growth and change. There is no standard approach because there is no such thing as a standard family. We will work together to see what suits you and your situation!
Sometimes just a few sessions are enough to find the space to see things from a different perspective.

In addition to being effective and helpful, my practice provides a fun and inspiring environment to explore and learn. Above all, I work with the talent, resilience and self-solving abilities of children, young adults and parents.

For expats

In my practice, I have years of experience coaching children and their families. Along with Dutch children, I am also experienced in coaching expat children and their families.I recognize that starting a new life in a new country brings challenges. Everything is new: The country, culture, school system, people, and friends. There are different rules and expectations.  Relatives and peers are often far away. You and your family can feel isolated.

Parenting can be especially hard for expats. And if your child does not want to share insecurities or doesn’t want to open up to you, you may sometimes feel lost. You don’t have someone to fall back on. Your child may experience deeper emotions and insecurities far from home. They can sometimes lose perspective and struggle to fit into their new life.

If you, your child or your family struggle with these issues, coaching can bring you insight and understanding. It can be helpful to share your feelings, thoughts and insecurities. Together we can put them in the right place. If needed, we take a deeper look, but sometimes sharing and reflecting is enough to give you or your child more room to adjust.

Expat Coaching

How does it work?

Every child, family, question and case is unique. Therefore, there is no standard approach. I believe in the uniqueness of children and their families so I customize each trajectory but I follow this general route: Coaching always starts with a free, no-obligation conversation over the phone or in person  where we can talk about the issues facing your child and your family. Together we can decide if coaching would be beneficial for your child.

If we decide to move forward, I’ll send an intake form and the coach agreement. The required number of sessions depends on the goals. I find that, on average, 5-7 sessions are sufficient for most children, and I never coach for longer than is necessary and effective. During the sessions I work with different techniques, tools and creative methods, depending on your child’s goals and needs. We focus on daily situations, but sometimes we fall back to past life events if they support the coaching process.

These sessions give children, young adults and parents more insight into their own actions, strengths, possibilities and talents.
At the end of each session, together we reflect on what we have discovered and learned.
If needed, I provide an update to parents. In most cases this update is by e-mail or phone. But, if necessary, we can plan a face-to-face evaluation.

When clients have achieved their goals and feel strong enough to carry out what they have learned in their lives, the sessions are completed.
Sometimes we plan a session to reflect on how things are working out in real life.

Would you like to get in touch to see if coaching can be helpful in your situation? You are welcome to book an appointment:

Expat Coaching